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New 10 blog ideas

Posted: March 1, 2013 by drazsz in Update
  1. Anonymous Art of Revolution
  2. Is what you hear always true?
  3. Does Anonymous have financial backing?
  4. Does Anonymous take it to far?
  5. Have you ever suspected Anonymous as one of your Co-workers?
  6. Google Rejects Anonymous social network?
  7. Do you think hacktivists should be considered terrorist?
  8. Gabriella Coleman ,is she really the broker between the media and Anonymous ?
  9. Does Anonymous have a purpose in who they target or is it  just random.
  10. Anonymous is amazing at PR, yet they are still truly still  Anonymous

These are some new blog ideas I have that I think are much better than the original ones that I posted. If you have any ideas that you would like me to add please let me know. Its hard to find the truth about Anonymous because they are so mysterious.