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Make sure its not fake !!!

Posted: February 8, 2013 by drazsz in Advice

When you do any type of research on Anonymous make sure its not fake and take time to make sure its real.  Like this video i found here after i did a little research i found out that it was considered fake by the majority of people. Especially if there a group like Anonymous you don’t want people to see the video and get a certain view point when Anonymous may not even agree with the video. Now it is hard to know if a video is fake on your own that’s why you need to do research on the video and don’t assume anything at first glance. This could go the other way around and you might find a video that’s considered fake but its the real deal. So always remeber to double check if you find anything and if you do post something that’s fake or not true make sure you let everyone know that is it and don’t say it is true.