Do you ever wonder if what you hear through the media is the truth? Anonymous wants to expose you to their side of the truth. We will follow Anonymous to see were the truth takes us. In this journey we will have to decide for ourselves what the truth is. In this blog we will talk and follow different topics that Anonymous follows. We will also try to see why Anonymous do what they do and why they target certain companies and people over others.

Hi my name is Damon , I’m a college student and this is my first blog that Ive ever made. I created it for a class that I am taking. The topic I chose to write about is Anonymous. I’m hoping I can provide you with interesting facts about them and we can take this blog places. Ive just started learning about Anonymous myself , so I hope we can all learn about them and see where the journey takes us. All the  post I write about Anonymous are just the facts that I find and or my opinion on a certain topic or subject.


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