Call to Action !!!Your Account Has been Hacked !!

Posted: April 24, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

No, your account hasn’t been hacked, but I would like you to read a blog called that so check it out here. Unlike last weeks post were I told you to read the Digital Dark Knight where he compares Anonymous and Batman this time I want you to read the Blog “Your Account Has been Hacked”. It teaches you about hacking and little about Anonymous history  and  how to prevent/protect yourself from hackers.  None of us want our information to be hacked so he gives you simple tips like changing your password or software you shouldn’t download and more complicated ways to protect yourself, but don’t worry he uses screen shots to help you along. I will also want to mention that he has a lot visual aids and some of them are very funny cartoons, but he also has diagrams, computer screen shots for easy to follow steps and a lot of pics. You will also learn different types of hacking and how it all works. He even invites you to try hacking by taking you to a website where they teach you how to hack. You will also find  how Anonymous became popular and some of their achievements. You might think anonymous became popular because the movie V for Vendetta, but there is a story behind it involving Guy Fawkes. So go check it out !!!!!



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