What’s up Damon?

Posted: April 23, 2013 by benji112890 in Intro

I recently became a guest author for this blog and I was honored to do so.

I had the privilege of interviewing the creator of The Enigma News, Damon Pyles.

Damon discussed the work he did with this blog, how that affected him, and what he wants you, the reader, to do.

Check out the video I made using parts of the video interview:

Damon grew both frustrated with difficulty of findings and informed through the overall research and information he was able to find.

This info. helped him form an opinion of Anonymous and, from now on, question all his research.

Damon found a lot of research that turned out to be fake, whether it was Anonymous making themselves look good, or someone trying to make them look bad.

His opinion of them has not reached an end of the spectrum however.

He said it well, “Since Anonymous doesn’t have a group leader, it’s kinda like some people in Anonymous are good and some people are bad. So you can’t look at it as a whole.”

Damon reflected a bit on his blogging experience before referring his audience.

One thing that Damon wants his readers to do is to check out a classmate’s blog called The Digital Dark Knight.

The Digital Dark Knight blog looks into a deeper aspect of Anonymous with relation to psychology, theology, and other ‘ologies’.

There are so many different parts to Anonymous and this makes them so complex and hard to figure out.

One can try to understand them, just to get left confused and disoriented.

This brings me to a poll question I’d like to ask you readers…

If you have something more to say other than answering the poll question, throw it in the comments section below.

—–Summer Music: Lay Me Down – The Dirty Heads—–


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