Learn More From Others

Posted: April 19, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

We are getting close to the end of my journey with this Anonymous blog, so I decided to explore some of  my classmates blogs and one really caught my attention. I was reading the Digital Dark Knight (The Ethics of Anonymous) you will find he uses a unique and interesting way to compare Batman and Anonymous while still sharing his own personal view. I think if you want to find better quality facts about Anonymous I would head over to his blog. He is a very good writer and captivates your attention right away. Overall his content has much better quality and it is apparent that he is really doing some research on the subject. You will find the good, the bad and even some comparisons to Jesus. He also uses a lot of quotes/dialogue  and some videos from Batman movies and the Bible in a way that makes you want to read more. The way he compared the two it is really interesting and it will make you think of Anonymous with a different perspective. I’m sure most of us know about the Dark Knight,so you will find the comparisons very true. So please head over to his blog and give him some support.


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