Anonymous attack Westbro Baptist Church

Posted: April 19, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

As most of you know there was a horrible bombing in Boston. People around the world have mourned the death of the 3 people who have died, but the Westboro Baptist Church announced that these bombings were not terrorist attacks and to “Thank God for the Boston Bombings” saying they are “foretaste of Gods wrath”. They then said they would protest the funerals of the victims  that died from the bombing. When Anonymous heard the statements made by the church they warned the Church. If they did do this Anonymous would do an attack against them. Anonymous made a Parody Facebook page about the church saying that there Leaders where Marilyn Manson , Anonymous and Captain Crunch also they were able to get a twitter account of  one of the representatives of the Church. Do you think Anonymous should do this to the Westboro Baptist Church? I don’t think the Westboro Baptist church know what they are getting themselves in to. Let me know what you think ?

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  1. benji112890 says:

    I think that I am starting to fall in love with Anonymous in light of this recent endeavor. With all the outrageous things that Westboro “Baptist Church” does and says one can hardly call them a church. I think that Wesstboro should have seen something like this coming as well. All-in-all though, the Mennonite background in me says to not seek one’s own justice because that’s God’s job, but the raw nature of my humanness says that this so-called church deserves it for attempting to disgrace the name of other churches, and just being all-around hateful and not representing humanity well at all.

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