Anomyous Hacks Ferderal Reserve

Posted: April 12, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

I found out that Anonymous hacked the Federal Reserve and stole around  4,000 bankers information. It seems Anonymous is always taking it a step further and improving there skills. It does scare me because the Federal Reserve is the bank of the US and if they could hack that who couldn’t say they wont release this information to the public and ruins those bankers lives. They don’t seem to have any allegiance with any particular country they have hacked the US , Israel , Korea as of lately but they have hacked many more country’s before.  What is there end goal then if they have targeted almost anybody around the world what do they want. It seems to me they want more than just free information on the Internet im not saying they want to take over the world but that there list of goals has gotten longer that they want to achieve and not just the one they had when they first arose.

You can watch a short video here and learn a little more about the Federal Reserve Hack.


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