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No, your account hasn’t been hacked, but I would like you to read a blog called that so check it out here. Unlike last weeks post were I told you to read the Digital Dark Knight where he compares Anonymous and Batman this time I want you to read the Blog “Your Account Has been Hacked”. It teaches you about hacking and little about Anonymous history  and  how to prevent/protect yourself from hackers.  None of us want our information to be hacked so he gives you simple tips like changing your password or software you shouldn’t download and more complicated ways to protect yourself, but don’t worry he uses screen shots to help you along. I will also want to mention that he has a lot visual aids and some of them are very funny cartoons, but he also has diagrams, computer screen shots for easy to follow steps and a lot of pics. You will also learn different types of hacking and how it all works. He even invites you to try hacking by taking you to a website where they teach you how to hack. You will also find  how Anonymous became popular and some of their achievements. You might think anonymous became popular because the movie V for Vendetta, but there is a story behind it involving Guy Fawkes. So go check it out !!!!!



What’s up Damon?

Posted: April 23, 2013 by benji112890 in Intro

I recently became a guest author for this blog and I was honored to do so.

I had the privilege of interviewing the creator of The Enigma News, Damon Pyles.

Damon discussed the work he did with this blog, how that affected him, and what he wants you, the reader, to do.

Check out the video I made using parts of the video interview:

Damon grew both frustrated with difficulty of findings and informed through the overall research and information he was able to find.

This info. helped him form an opinion of Anonymous and, from now on, question all his research.

Damon found a lot of research that turned out to be fake, whether it was Anonymous making themselves look good, or someone trying to make them look bad.

His opinion of them has not reached an end of the spectrum however.

He said it well, “Since Anonymous doesn’t have a group leader, it’s kinda like some people in Anonymous are good and some people are bad. So you can’t look at it as a whole.”

Damon reflected a bit on his blogging experience before referring his audience.

One thing that Damon wants his readers to do is to check out a classmate’s blog called The Digital Dark Knight.

The Digital Dark Knight blog looks into a deeper aspect of Anonymous with relation to psychology, theology, and other ‘ologies’.

There are so many different parts to Anonymous and this makes them so complex and hard to figure out.

One can try to understand them, just to get left confused and disoriented.

This brings me to a poll question I’d like to ask you readers…

If you have something more to say other than answering the poll question, throw it in the comments section below.

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Learn More From Others

Posted: April 19, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

We are getting close to the end of my journey with this Anonymous blog, so I decided to explore some of  my classmates blogs and one really caught my attention. I was reading the Digital Dark Knight (The Ethics of Anonymous) you will find he uses a unique and interesting way to compare Batman and Anonymous while still sharing his own personal view. I think if you want to find better quality facts about Anonymous I would head over to his blog. He is a very good writer and captivates your attention right away. Overall his content has much better quality and it is apparent that he is really doing some research on the subject. You will find the good, the bad and even some comparisons to Jesus. He also uses a lot of quotes/dialogue  and some videos from Batman movies and the Bible in a way that makes you want to read more. The way he compared the two it is really interesting and it will make you think of Anonymous with a different perspective. I’m sure most of us know about the Dark Knight,so you will find the comparisons very true. So please head over to his blog and give him some support.

Anonymous attack Westbro Baptist Church

Posted: April 19, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

As most of you know there was a horrible bombing in Boston. People around the world have mourned the death of the 3 people who have died, but the Westboro Baptist Church announced that these bombings were not terrorist attacks and to “Thank God for the Boston Bombings” saying they are “foretaste of Gods wrath”. They then said they would protest the funerals of the victims  that died from the bombing. When Anonymous heard the statements made by the church they warned the Church. If they did do this Anonymous would do an attack against them. Anonymous made a Parody Facebook page about the church saying that there Leaders where Marilyn Manson , Anonymous and Captain Crunch also they were able to get a twitter account of  one of the representatives of the Church. Do you think Anonymous should do this to the Westboro Baptist Church? I don’t think the Westboro Baptist church know what they are getting themselves in to. Let me know what you think ?

You can learn more at these Articles

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Anomyous Hacks Ferderal Reserve

Posted: April 12, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

I found out that Anonymous hacked the Federal Reserve and stole around  4,000 bankers information. It seems Anonymous is always taking it a step further and improving there skills. It does scare me because the Federal Reserve is the bank of the US and if they could hack that who couldn’t say they wont release this information to the public and ruins those bankers lives. They don’t seem to have any allegiance with any particular country they have hacked the US , Israel , Korea as of lately but they have hacked many more country’s before.  What is there end goal then if they have targeted almost anybody around the world what do they want. It seems to me they want more than just free information on the Internet im not saying they want to take over the world but that there list of goals has gotten longer that they want to achieve and not just the one they had when they first arose.

You can watch a short video here and learn a little more about the Federal Reserve Hack.

A Diffrent Point of View

Posted: April 12, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

I asked the Computer Crime Expert from our local law enforcement some questions about Anonymous. I thought it would be interesting to hear from a different point of view.

  • What do you know about Anonymous hackers?

The group Anonymous is not really a group in any formal sense of the word in that;

there is no membership, no hierarchy, no leadership and no prescribed rule book.

The group, instead, is a loosely knit conglomerate of online hackers with varying

levels of expertise that seem to have the broad common focus of reducing internet

censorship.  Since there is no membership, and as the name Anonymous suggests; no

list of associates, it is truly unknown the volume of online attacks and pranks that

can actually be attributed to Anonymous.  However, it is believed that Anonymous has

been responsible for hundreds of internet attacks and pranks that have ranged from

mildly amusing in nature, to vigilante justice, to dangerous.

  • Do you think the government should label them ” terrorist”?

Although “terrorist” is often considered a relative term, whereas one may be a

terrorist to one but a freedom fighter or revolutionary to another; the U.S. Code

of Federal Regulations has defined terrorism as “the unlawful use of force and

violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the

civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social

objectives.”  Does Anonymous “intimidate or coerce…in furtherance of …

social objectives”?  I believe that there is a very strong argument Anonymous’

tactics are in fact intimidating as they have a skill set which allows them to

virtually gain access to digitally stored and displayed sources of which many of us

may have previously felt were secure and protected.  Regarding their objective, it

is difficult to pinpoint a single focus but there does seem to be an overarching

dislike or even hatred toward internet censorship.  Internet censorship as an issue

can absolutely be considered social in nature and therefore qualifies.  However,

the definition leads with “the unlawful use of force and violence against person

or property…”  Although it can be argued that Anonymous’ tactics are

unlawful, it could be a logical stretch to label these tactics as forceful or

violent.  Despite the absence of actual force or violence, I believe that

definitions can be fluid and cannot encompass the potential evolution of society.

If the definition instead were phrased to include; “[an] unlawful [action]

against persons or property …”, the replacement of the verb action instead of

force and violence absolutely qualifies the ‘actions’ of Anonymous as terrorist

in nature.

  • Do you think they are a threat to national security or local law enforcement
    agencies? The have stole private information from law enforcement agencies, FBI and
    CIA and threatened to release the information.

Anonymous is absolutely a threat to national security and law enforcement agencies.

The actions taken by individuals claiming association with Anonymous have ranged

in nature regarding the potential threat posed.  For example, Anonymous has been

instrumental in bringing to justice perpetrators of child exploitation as well as

identifying and shutting down highly secure and secretive online cache’s of child

pornography through denial of service attacks.  The group has also attacked secure

CIA, FBI, Scotland Yard, Interpol, DOD and many, many other government

organizations containing sensitive material.  Despite the group’s actions

resulting in positive outcomes, it is very dangerous to allow a vigilante group to

police its society especially when those vigilantes are in fact, anonymous.

  • In your opinion,what do you think they do with all the information they hack?

I believe this may be the most varied response to any of the questions as each

“member” of Anonymous most likely has their own unique motives.  There are many

who most likely commit their online attacks for the sake of committing the attack

or to simply make a statement.  There are others who are likely to be financially

motivated though.  And even those who are or were not initially financially

motivated, it is not difficult to imagine that there is a price they may accept for

the data they acquire.

  • Do you think Anonymous are just a group of kids playing around or should we take
    them seriously?

Yes, I do think they are a group of kids playing around and yes I do think we should

take them seriously.  The abilities of these “kids” are such that older

generations have a difficult time imagining that there was a need to secure from

such actions.  One only needs to watch a parent with their three year old while the

latter plays with the former’s iPhone or Android manipulating the device as or

more efficiently as the parent to understand that the technical abilities of

children continue to grow exponentially and appears to be almost engrained.  It is

also important to understand that these same “kids” are in fact kids and often

fail to truly grasp the implications of their actions.  This is a very dangerous

combination that absolutely should be taken very serious.

Anonymous vs Korea

Posted: April 5, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

Anonymous is on the news again today. They took over twitter and flickr from state run website and it is said they obtained over 15,000 user records. The website wasn’t working on Thursday but they don’t know if it was Anonymous or Korea took it down. Please look at the full article from NBC news here

The picture the capture before Korea fixed the website is pretty funny. I really like how they put their stamp on things. I’m guessing Anonymous doesn’t agree with what Korea is doing and it makes me feel a little better. It would concern me that a  group like Anonymous would be in alliance with them.