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Secret groups in history.

Posted: March 22, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

In history we can find many groups or secret societies. One of the oldest secret societies is the Brotherhood of the Snake and it still exist.  The Brotherhood teachings included physical healing through spiritual means an according to Egyptians writings they wanted to liberate the human race from Custodial bondage. You can find the symbol of the snake on the logo of the American Medical Association.Another group you might have heard of are the Knights Templar. It is said they guard the Holy Grail, The Rope of Jesus and The Spear of Destiny.

In history we can see that some groups are trying to protect or make decisions to help humanity, but some of these groups are generally considered to be anti social.  Communism and fascism are secret societies in many countries where they are prohibited  by law. In the United States the Nazi party and Ku Klux Clan are secret societies because the general public does not approve there beliefs.

As you can see some groups are bad some are good and it makes me wonder how will Anonymous leave its own mark in history. Or do you think that Anonymous will soon not even be relevant in 10-2o years and that they will leave no mark on history and just be a slight bump in it.

You can also see how much technology has influenced our culture. The older secret groups gathered and saved information in books or manuscripts. Others are keeping relics hidden from the world. And Anonymous hackers who are using computers to exploit information and other than their identity they tried to keep nothing secret.


Can Anonymous be trusted

Posted: March 22, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post
 If you didn’t know Anonymous started its own social networking site called AnonPlus. Why because Google banned Anonymous accounts for violating the terms of service.  Anonymous said that on AnonPlus there will be “no fear of censorship”. Now of course if your a big fan of Anonymous this seems great but for others there is a lot of fear. Because some say if there is no Censorship on there website who says somebody wouldn’t post how to make a bomb or child pornography or something else that is usually banned . Will Anonymous allow it ?for there will be no fear of censorship on there website.
Also some worry if there is personal information needed to sign up for the website can we trust Anonymous with it for they are known to be hackers. If these things are allowed on there website will it spread like wildfire or will Anonymous At least try to maintain some control over there website or will they let run free keeping true to there will be no oppression. So my question to you is can we trust Anonymous?

Gabriella Coleman

Posted: March 15, 2013 by drazsz in Intro

I’m going to try to get into contact with Gabriella Coleman and ask her a few questions about Anonymous to figure out if she really is the broker between them and us. She is the Wolfe Chair in Scientific technological literacy in the Art History and Commutation study’s department McGill. She researcher es, writes , teachers on hackers and digital activism. Stay in touch hopefully she will be able to answer some of my questions.  If you have any questions of your own please let me know.

Anonymous Art of Revolution

Posted: March 15, 2013 by drazsz in Weekly Post

We Are One Even though Anonymous are spread all over the world they could be your co-workers , neighbors etc.. they still are able to pull together and work as one. This is what gives Anonymous strength they are not a scattered group they are a team and that’s why they are able to accomplish so much. Today’s post will be short but i want you to look at the picture and think about what unity can accomplish  good or bad.

Anonymous Wins Time Magezine Poll

Posted: March 1, 2013 by drazsz in Intro

Even though Government seems to dislike Anonymous they still seem to have a lot of fans out there. Anonymous avoids personal fame at all cost but that doesn’t stop the people from writing about them and wanting to know everything about them. Time Magazine hosted a online poll across the most influential people across all fields and even though Anonymous isn’t  a single person they still won the poll. You can read a little about the article here. Do you think Anonymous deserved to win the poll since they are not a single identity? If you think they deserved to win let me know why. Same goes if you think they shouldn’t have won the poll. Also who would you have voted for in the poll please let me know.

New 10 blog ideas

Posted: March 1, 2013 by drazsz in Update
  1. Anonymous Art of Revolution
  2. Is what you hear always true?
  3. Does Anonymous have financial backing?
  4. Does Anonymous take it to far?
  5. Have you ever suspected Anonymous as one of your Co-workers?
  6. Google Rejects Anonymous social network?
  7. Do you think hacktivists should be considered terrorist?
  8. Gabriella Coleman ,is she really the broker between the media and Anonymous ?
  9. Does Anonymous have a purpose in who they target or is it  just random.
  10. Anonymous is amazing at PR, yet they are still truly still  Anonymous

These are some new blog ideas I have that I think are much better than the original ones that I posted. If you have any ideas that you would like me to add please let me know. Its hard to find the truth about Anonymous because they are so mysterious.